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The Life Member (LM) designation is applicable to an IEEE member who has reached the age of 65 years and who has been a member of IEEE (or one of its predecessor societies) for such a period that the sum of his age and his years of membership equals or exceeds 100 years. The LM Committee of the IEEE LI Section caters to the interests of LI Life members and encourages these members to mentor and provide assistance to younger LI engineers.


Victor Zourides

Vice Chair
William Wilkes


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Qualifications of Life Members

Members who qualify each year will be notified by mail in the fourth quarter of the qualifying year. "Life" status will be effective on 1 January of the following year. Basic dues and assessments are waived for those achieving Life Member status.

Long Island members my inquire about Life Membership by sending an e-mail to:

If a Life Member does not annually confirm that he would like to continue to receive services and/or publications, he will be removed from the active membership roster and placed on inactive status. An IEEE Life Member with an inactive status will no longer receive IEEE benefits. Active Life Membership can be reinstated, with no loss of continuity of membership, upon notification that the Life Member would like to change his status.


Benefits to LI Life Members

Dues and regional assessments are waived.

Society fees are waived after being a Life Member for 5 years.

Individuals may receive reduced member rates at IEEE sponsored conferences, such as the Long Island Systems, Applications and Technology (LISAT) event.

IEEE Financial Advantage Program (includes IEEE Insurance Program).

A unique and rewarding opportunity to share your wisdom with fellow LI engineers.


LM Activity Suggestions

Join the RE-SEED program to provide assistance to Long Island middle and secondary schools in making science and math attractive to students.

Provide assistance to IEEE Long Island Section Societies holding technical conferences.

Publicize those aspects of the IEEE Financial Advantage Program that meet the needs of seniors.

Arrange technical programs that may not be provided by other IEEE Societies.

Find and volunteer for areas of public service that need competent technical support.

Make presentations to Long Island technical firms to show the virtues of IEEE membership and participation as a means of attracting new LI members, in cooperation with the LI Membership Development Committee.

Present lectures on Long Island's technical history, especially in cases where you witnessed and/or were a part of these developments.

Assist in researching subjects of historical importance to the Long Island engineering community.

Enjoy each other's company!



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